About us


Our people know that engaging in world trade holds enormous potential for business yet many companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), depend on access to banking services in order to unlock new markets.

Trade Finance Export (T.F.EX) is part of IFA Group , the Management Team and his CEO started 11 years ago in the international financial instruments market, with deep experience in every aspect of the banking business. We helped companies worldwide to finance their projects for existing and new initiatives through business banking facilities as Collateral Transfers and Bank Instruments, and it was an immediate success. With the Group now operating across multiple global services and financial markets, the creation of ‘Trade Finance Export’ was a logical next step.

Email us: tfex@tradefinanceexport.com

Our trade finance experts assist company to mitigate the risks associated with importing or exporting goods and services, permitting world trade to flow in a predictable and secure manner.

Email us: tfex@tradefinanceexport.com

For your international activities we want assist you for:

  • Exploring / Establishing
  • Secure your transactions
  • Finance your growth
  • Optimise your cash flow.

Email us: tfex@tradefinanceexport.com